Today I learned:

  • I can use APP_INITIALIER to inject a service which is supposed to run before bootstrapping root module. #angular2
  • I can use MockBackend to simulate backend API in Angular 2 without connecting to real backend API at all. #angular2
  • Http class in Angular 2 is not a multi-provider provider. Please do not make a confused face yet; I was confused too. @see Multi Providers on Thoughtram Blog for more detailed info. #angular2
  • A relatively cheap acoustic guitar like a Yamaha F310 can produce really good sound with a bone saddle and a set of quite decent strings. In my case it is a D’addario EJ16. I believe it would sound better with a set of D’addario EXP or Elixir stings. #music
  • I can improve stiffness of my cycling shoes just by tightening the rope enough. Really. #fitness

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